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Be comfy, be you and enjoy.

Welcome to Zoned Out Beauty...


Here is some background info...

Zoned Out Beauty exists because of YOU, I would not have this if it wasn't for my clients...  so for your part I am TRULY thankful. As my clients you show me loyalty, support and big beautiful hearts. Thank YOU!!

My part is to take care of you... I have been working within the beauty industry for over 15 years as a therapist (I cannot decide if I am proud of that due to AGEING, but hey it's good for you guys to know.) Also, 3 years as a tutor and I love it, I often take courses myself to keep up to date, it's all about self-growth and educating ourselves.

I have been in a mixture of beauty settings from spas, high street salons, beauty clinics and training centres. But, I have now found my perfect little setup doing the treatments and training I love most.

I offer selected treatments (please check when booking) in Charminster but ​I am mostly  based in Bournemouth town within a wellbeing centre, the whole place has a lovely chilled, friendly vibe away from the drama and hype of life.


We have the lovely Sue, who offers EMDR for trauma and PTSD (this is some powerful healing... for real!)  We also have the lovely Verity who does all the advanced anti-aging treatments, making us feel gorgeous again (Botox, filler, fat dissolve, Profilo, chemical peels, PDO threads etc.)

These ladies don’t just have amazing skills, they are such genuine souls and beautiful energies to be around.

Come and see us. Let's catch up, pamper and Zone Out for a bit.

I look forward to seeing you lovely people soon. 

My aim is for my clients and students to… be comfy, be themselves and enjoy.

Leah (Boo) x


Working with Holistic Zone Training Acadamy,  we are providing you with knowledge and qualifications to get you started on a new career or to add to your existing treatments.


I believe passion in our line of work is the absolute key to success. I like courses to be fun, full of knowledge and tips that keep us loving what we do.

There will be plenty of practical so you can get hands on getting use to your new skill.

Together we will get you the knowledge and practice required to have a successful future doing a job you truly love. With ongoing support whenever needed.


Holistic Zone Training is offering the following courses at our Bournemouth venue…


22/4/21 Intimate waxing Accredited Diploma


6/5/21 Full body massage Accredited Diploma

20/5/21 Holistic facials Accredited Diploma


3/6/21    Waxing Accredited Diploma

17/6/21  Intimate waxing Accredited Diploma



1/7/21   Full body massage Accredited Diploma

15/7/21   Holistic facials Accredited Diploma


5/8/21   Waxing Accredited Diploma

19/8/21  Intimate waxing Accredited Diploma


2/9/21   Full body massage Accredited Diploma

16/9/21   Holistic facials Accredited Diploma


7/10/21   Waxing Accredited Diploma

21/10/21   Intimate waxing Accredited Diploma


4/11/21  Full body massage Accredited Diploma

18/11/21  Holistic facials Accredited Diploma

Please go to Holistic zone to book a course and for other courses available.

I look forward to meeting you and giving you the confidence to believe in yourself and the treatments you offer. xXx




24 St Peters Road



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